Developing Our Regional Heart Failure Program Interior Health (IH) has a long standing historyof providing specialty cardiac services across thecontinuum of care. Similar to other health regions, heartfailure (HF) is a major contributor of hospitalizationsin people 65+ and approximately 19,000 individuals areliving with HF. Management of this chronic disease isparamount. IH is the second largest […]

Submitted by: Dr. Sean A. Virani and Bonnie Catlin The Practice Support Program (PSP) waslaunched in 2007 with two objectives: toimprove care for patients throughout theprovince and to increase job satisfactionamong BC’s general practitioners (GPs).  Specifically the PSP was also designed to improveclinical and practice management for familyphysicians (FPs) and GPs and support physiciansto implement […]

  As in most western countries, the burden of heartfailure (HF) in Canada is increasing, primarily as aresult of improved medical management, improveddiagnostics, increased survival among patientswith hypertension and coronary artery diseaseand an aging population that are living longer andbecoming more susceptible to heart failure. themost recent estimates indicate that there are about500,000 Canadians living […]

LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR HEALTH AUTHORITY PARTNERS Showcasing Northern Health  Management of Heart Failure (HF) is one of the domains identified in Northern Health’s Cardiac & Cerebrovascular Service (CCVS) Framework. Given the geography and demographics of northern Health (NH), a network that connects and supports practitioners in managing HF patients in their home communities is […]

As in most Western countries, the burden of heart failure (HF) in Canada is increasing, primarily as a result of improved medical management, improved diagnostics, increased survival among patients with hypertension and coronary artery disease and an aging population that are living longer and becoming more susceptible to heart failure.  The most recent estimates indicate […]

Submitted by: Dr. Sean A. Virani Averting hospitalization for disease decompensation continues to be a challenge for heart failure (HF) care providers. Acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) is a major public health concern which is associated with significant morbidity, mortality and healthcare utilization. At present, there are in excess of 90,000 British Columbians living with […]

The Nanaimo Heart Function Clinic Model Submitted by: Madelene Daniel Heart failure is a chronic condition that requires chronic disease management (CDM).  People living with heart failure tend to have co-morbid conditions and concerns that go beyond learning about daily weights, sodium monitoring and fluid restriction. As a heart function clinic (HFC) spoke, within Vancouver […]

Submitted by: Dr. Romayne Gallagher A recent article on the barriers to end-of-life (EOL) conversations in heart failure1 revealed some ongoing paradoxes about attitudes to EOL conversations. Healthcare professionals want the patients to ask the questions and patients want the providers to take the lead. Both recognize the value of the conversations but providers don’t always […]